premium professional-grade wedding gown cleaning and preservation service

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Diamond Drycleaners offer a premium professional-grade wedding gown cleaning and preservation service.

We understand the importance and sentiment to preserve and protect your most cherished gown. It is important you have it professionally cleaned by a specialist and packaged for safe storing.

Our delicate fabric experts will handle your gown with the utmost care during each step of the cleaning process. We carefully inspect and review the condition of your gown prior to beginning the cleaning process.

Our services offer two options to protect your wedding gown.

Preservation – Protective Plastic Bio Film to Fit

Some brides choose to hang their Wedding Gown. To allow the gown to breathe and reduce the possibility of the dress being affected by air borne moisture, our specialist team places the gown on a hanger and covers it with protective plastic film.

Preservation – in a box

Storage space an issue? Then we recommend a Wedding Gown box, our specialist Wedding Gown cleaning team carefully layer your Wedding Gown into the box after lining the box with pure acid-free tissue paper. The acid-free tissue paper provides your Wedding Gown with protection from discoloration and air-borne moisture. This is then sealed with tape.

Boxing of your Wedding Gown is also recommended if you intend to keep your gown long term. This provides protection from insects and sunlight, but allows the gown to be stored in its own safe, isolated environment avoiding any possible accidents, spills or knocks.

Please note all gowns are priced according to the intricacy, amount of fabric and amount of cleaning required.

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