Household, we Clean Duvets of All Sizes, Down Pillow Cleaning and refreshing and more...

We Clean Duvets of All Sizes

We thoroughly clean all sizes of duvet inners, mattress toppers and blankets according to the care instructions. Appropriate sized machines enable even the largest blankets and duvets to be cleaned without leaving soap deposits or causing fabric damage from the excessive friction that can occur using an undersized machine.

Down Pillow Cleaning and refreshing.

We will launder your favourite pillow and present this back to you refreshed.

On occasion you may be asked to sign a Customer Own Risk (COR) form depending on the materials used or obvious staining.

Restore the Appearance of Your Curtains

Our specialist team offer professional curtain cleaning and restoration. Experts recommend that you have your delicate curtains dry cleaned or laundered every six to twelve months (along with quarterly vacuuming) to maintain their appearance and help avoid premature deterioration. If your curtains are located in a particularly dusty or damp location or direct sunlight, you should consider more frequent professional care. Where possible, it may be helpful to rotate them to different windows to ensure sun damage is equal on all components.

You will be asked to sign a Customer Own Risk (COR) form to ensure you understand any risks involved.

We also take care of the household.

Freshen up the house.